Meeting between VIBM and Polish Professionals

Date 04/04/2014 03:18
On 31st March 2014 at VIBM, Assoc.PhD. Luong Duc Long - General Director of VIBM had a meeting with Polish professionals. Both parties found out fields of activity and the potential of cooperation.

Chưa có ảnh

Representatives of VIBM were  Assoc. PhD. Luong Duc Long – General Director ; Vice General Director Nguyen Van Huynh and officials.

Representatives of Polish delegation were Prof. Dr. Jerzy Lis - Academician of Poland Academy of Sciences, former Vice Chancellor of Institute for Science and Technology of AGH, Krakow; Prof. Dr. Jan Malolepszy - President of the Scientific Council of Ceramic and Building Materials of Science and Technology Institute AGH, Krakow; Mr. Jozef Siwiec, President of Union of refractory enterprises Ropczyce, Representative for Association of refractory Manufacturers Poland and some professionals, representatives of some materials enterprises.

At the meeting, VIBM and Polish delegation introduced functions, strong points, and the outstanding results of science and technology research, implementation and training. Both parties highly appreciated the capacity and development orientation of each side. Through discussion, two parties also found a lot of common points in the scientific research and the application of research results in building material production and looked forward to the cooperation in the future.

Both parties agreed to establish a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to orient the cooperation in: scientific research, technology transfer, trade and investment and business market expanse. The Polish side expressed their willingness to support and facilitate VIBM’s staff to participate in training courses and capacity strengthening projects in Poland.

The establishment of partnership presents the understanding and profound faith to each other.  Two sides’ cooperation was inherited, refreshed from the traditional friendship between two countries, “intimate as a brother” - quoted by Prof. Jerzy Lis. Hopefully, the MOU will be deployed effectively in the near future.