Meeting between VIBM and Wacker Chemie AG Group

Date 10/02/2012 12:00
In the morning of 6/02/2012, Dr. Luong Duc Long, General Director of VIBM had a meeting with Wacker Chemie AG Group’s delegation leaded by Mr. Jean-Lionel Gros, Senior Vice President of Wacker Chemie AG.

Chưa có ảnh

Attending the meeting were Mr. Patrick De Wolf - Director of Wacker Chemicals (South East Asia), Ms. Vuong An Van Thao – Country Manager of Vietnam Representative of Wacker Chemicals (South East Asia); Mr.Nguyen Van Huynh - Vice General Director of VIBM, Ms. Tran Thu Ha - Head of Center for International Cooperation, Mr. Trinh Minh Dat – Head of Center for Organic Materials and Construction Chemicals, VIBM.

At the meeting, VIBM and Wacker spent  time on assessing the cooperation between two sides in recent years and discussing the cooperation orientation in the next stage.

In 2008, VIBM and Wacker Group signed a cooperation MoU with the aim of developing the dry-mixed mortar products in Vietnam. Since then, the successful partnership has not only brought practical efficiencies to both parties but also contributed to the development of dry-mixed mortar products in Vietnam. VIBM and Wacker highly appreciated the cooperation between two sides from 2009 to 2011, especially the activities of the co-laboratory for dry-mixed mortar. 

The two sides also discussed on the cooperation plant for 2012 and the next stage with the aim to develop ready-mixed dry mortar as a material of  the process of modernizing the construction industry.  VIBM and Wacker will increasingly cooperate to strengthen the capacity of co-laboratory  for testing ready-mixed dry mortar as well as promote the application of dry -mixed mortar and construction polymer products.

After the discussion, Wacker’s experts had a visit to some VIBM’s laboratories included the co-laboratory. The partner expressed good impression on the infrastructure and capability of VIBM’s laboratories.

On behalf of VIBM, Dr. Luong Duc Long expressed his pleasure to welcome Wacker Polymer Group’s delegation in the early new year. He also hoped that the cooperation between VIBM and Wacker will progress well in the next stage.