Meeting between VIBM and Xella Baustofe GMBH (Germany)

Date 19/07/2011 12:00
In the afternoon of 27/6/2011, a meeting between Vietnam Institute for Building Materials (VIBM) and Xella Baustoffe GmbH – Germany (Xella) was held to discuss on production technology and status of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) in the world and in Vietnam.

Chưa có ảnh

Attending the meeting were representative from Construction Ministry: Mr. Pham Van Bac – Deputy Director of Building Materials Department, and from Xella: Ms. Almut Roesner – Chief of Xella Representative Office in Hanoi and Dr. Hartmut Walther, Head of Quality Management, Patents and Deposits – an expert on raw materials for the production of AAC. Also attending were leader and some researchers of VIBM.

Firstly, Dr. Hartmut Walther provided a brief history of AAC development, some great breakthroughs of AAC production technology as well as recent achievements of the Research & Development Center of Xella – Germany. He also stated his impressions on the production of AAC in Vietnam

Nguyen Dinh Loi - Director of Cement & Concrete Center - VIBM next represented requirement of raw materials for AAC and some experiences of VIBM in producing AAC.

Among non-burned materials, the modern building market is very interested in
AAC block and panel – an environmentally friendly, soundproofed and insulating material. As the leading research institute in the field of building materials, VIBM takes the lead in researching production technology of AAC from domestic raw materials, thenceforth sets up the program of developing non-burned building materials in Vietnam

After that, VIBM and Xella spent time on lively discussing and exchanging knowledge as well as experience on production technology and status of AAC in Vietnam

Speaking at the meeting, Mr.Pham Van Bac -
Deputy Director of Building Materials Department generalized difficulties of Vietnamese enterprises in producing AAC such as standardizing the quality of raw materials (lime for specialty) for AAC. He suggested that Xella and domestic researchers should concentrate on studying AAC technology, promoting the development and application of AAC production in Vietnam

At last, o
n behalf of VIBM and Xella, MSc.Nguyen Van Huynh - Deputy Director of VIBM profoundly thanked Mr. Pham Van Bac for his supporting and attending the meeting. VIBM and Xella will continue to tightly cooperate in order to promote the development of AAC production in Vietnam.