Opening “English for Building materials” course

Date 27/04/2011 12:00
To gradually improve the English skill for staffs, in the afternoon of April 6th 2011, VIBM cooperated with Academy of Managers for Construction and Cities (AMC)- Ministry of Construction to organize the opening ceremony of “English for Building materials” course.

Chưa có ảnh

Attending the opening ceremony were some English teachers from AMC, Dr. Mai Ngoc Tam - Deputy General Director of VIBM, MSc. Vuong Ly Lan - Head of Personnel Division - VIBM, and many staffs of VIBM.

“English for Building materials” course will start at 4.00 PM every Wednesday and at 8.00 AM every Saturday.
The purpose of the course is to improve the skill of using English in communicating, cooperating with foreign partners in the current context of international economic integration. 

In his speech, Dr. Mai Ngoc Tam - Deputy General Director of VIBM, Director of Building Materials Center in the South – highly appreciated the preparation and the implementation of AMC for “English for Building materials” course. He also expected that all leaners must try their best to get good learning result. After this course, learners will be equipped with necessary knowledge and skills to complete their own assigned work.