Cement Silo build-up reducing materials and solution

Date 21/04/2008 12:00
Cement silos are the cement powder temperary storages after grinding, before packaging or delivery. In those silos, cement powder is passing supplemental homogenization. In every cement plant, there are at least two cement silos with storage capacity in ranging of thousands up to decades of thousand tones of cement. Cement silos are typically designed in cylinderical shape with decades of meters in height and nearly decade of meters in diameter.

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The build-up formation is occuring in cement silos because of the warm and high humid climate in . The silo builup cleaning takes time and high cost. The silo buil-up cleaning must be done periodically because of soon new build-up formation. So the cement silo buil-up reducing solution is currently a necessary problem in cement plants in .

VIBM has successfully studied the suitable materials and solution for effective reducing cement silo build-up, enlarging time between two cleanings,  cost saving and stabilizing cement production. 

Based on the
results of this RD work, the following conclusions can be drawn:
         - The selected suitable finishing mortar composition  KC-03 and its technology ensuring high strength, good cementing with base concrete and good finishing surface.
         - The selected suitable chemical-, thermal- resistant paint well-bonded with concrete matrix.
         - The selected suitable technical procedures executing reducing build-up surface in cement silo. 

VIBM has executed cement silo build-up reducing in Butson, Hoangthach and Campha cement plants.

The executing cement silo build-up reducing in Campha cement plant.

The executing cement silo build-up reducing in Butson cement plant.

The executing cement silo build-up reducing in Hoangthach cement plant.