Waterproofing for machine room's dome at YALY hydropower plant

Date 18/04/2008 12:00
Basing on modern technologies and specialized techniques, together with reasonable using of special materials, Vietnam Institute for Building Materials (VIBM) has successfully created solutions to waterproofing technology for many constructions, for example, treatment for concrete’s cracks, waterproofing for concrete joints, expansion slits of mass concretes, underground structures, etc., and restoration of downgraded concretes.

Chưa có ảnh

Since 1995, VIBM has investigated, designed and directly executed waterproofing at many constructions, such as Bim Son cement plant, Hoang Thach cement plant, Hoa Binh hydropower plant, Phu My thermal power plant, Thu Duc golf resort, Dap Cau glass factory. Besides, VIBM has also participated in some works like restoring execution of Uncle Ho’s statue at Hoa Binh hydropower plant, Ho Chi Minh square in Vinh city (Nghe An province), Ha Noi theatre, etc.

In February 2008, VIBM signed a contract to execute waterproofing for machine room's dome at Yaly hydropower plant. This contract with the value of more than VND 1 billion is done by Center for Application and Development of Building Materials, one of the members of VIBM and will be finished in May 2008.   

Dome of machine room at Yaly hydropower plant