Building materials Appraisal

Date 02/02/2007 12:00

- Cement physical and mechanical testing according to TCVN, ASTM, ISO, JIS, BS, AS, GOST

- Concrete mix design, concrete quality testing (according to standard method and fast method, at site)

- Analyzing the chemical composition of raw materials, fuels and materials for the building material production (organic materials, sand, stone, clay, kaolin, coal and other raw materials)

- Analyzing the mineral, chemical composition of samples: cement, clinker, refractory materials, ceramic and glass materials, using the X-Ray diffraction equipment, the florescence X-ray equipment and Atom absorption Spectrum equipment.

- Physical testing for refractories, bricks, tiles, stone, sand, gravel, etc.

- Fast testing the composition of gas, kiln waste gas and water analysis.

- Setting up TCVN and TCXD standards on technical requirements and testing methods

- Particle size analyses by laser scattering equipment.

- Thermal analyses (TG, DTA, DSC)

- Analyses on specific surface and dimensions of voids.

- Carbon and sulfur analyses