Date 22/05/2015 02:55

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   Asbestos-cement sheets – production, use and release ability
Assoc. Prof. PhD. Luong Duc Long
   General Director of VIBM

   Utilization of waste rocks obtained in coal mining
   Sokoltsov V., Tokarchuk V., Sviderskiy A.
   National technical university of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, Kiev, Ukraine

   Research on production of reactive alumina for refractory and ceramic industries
   using  Bayer alumina hydrate of Tan Binh Chemical Factory
   PhD. Vu Van Dzung
   Center for Refractory and Fireproof Materials – VIBM

 Research and application of composite cement in vietnam
 Assoc. Prof. PhD. Luong Duc Long
 General Director of VIBM

   Hydration mechanism and microstructure of ggbf slag-cfbc fly ash binder
   PhD. Nguyen Tien Dzung
   Southern Center for Building Materials – VIBM

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